Gazitua Discusses Bipartisan Procurement Cooperation at Concordia Summit

Gazitua Discusses Bipartisan Procurement Cooperation at Concordia Summit

The Seventh annual edition of the Americas Summit brought together speakers from across sectors, industries, and locations to discuss issues facing the Western Hemisphere. Our very own Luis Gazitua was one of those voices. While the 2023 Americas Summit Report is yet to be released, a video of his panel is available below.

The Concordia Summit

Concordia Summit has over a decade of experience bringing together heads of state, and leaders of the private and NGO sectors. It elicits new and diversified perspectives to explore tangible solutions to local and global challenges. This annual summit was the largest convening alongside the UN General Assembly.

Some topics discussed include:

  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Global Trade, Manufacturing, & Supply Chains
  • Human Rights & Social Progress
  • Financial Inclusion
  • Innovative Technology
  • Cultural Diplomacy & Youth Advocacy
  • Democracy, Security, & Geopolitical Risk
  • Health Opportunites & Challenges

For more information on The Concordia Summit, to purchase 2023 Summit tickets, or see other panels and discussions, please visit their site.

About Gazitua

Gazitua Letelier is a lobbying firm specializing in consulting in Miami-Dade County, the Greater Miami area's municipalities, and Miami-Dade Public Schools. We represent clients from pre-bid through bid protest, award, and in securing support for and establishing relocating firms. Gazitua represents clients in all industries, including technology, infrastructure, and transportation.

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Luis is an experienced procurement lawyer and Miami lobbyist serving elected officials, businesses, international clients, and trade associations. He regularly appears before local and state government in order to advance complex objectives for clients against competing interests. He has weathered various competitive processes in Florida including Home Rule Charter Amendments, Recalls, Local, State and Federal campaigns.