Miami-Dade prepared to make a $424 Million Dollar Investment in Public Safety in 2021

Miami-Dade prepared to make a $424 Million Dollar Investment in Public Safety in 2021

The Miami-Dade Police Department (MDPD) budget for fiscal year 2020-2021 has been released. It is included in the practically unchanged $9 billion budget passed by Mayor Gimenez and county commissioners in mid-September.

MDPD’s share of the budget totals $781 million.  They are already the largest local law enforcement agency in the southeastern United States and currently ranks in the top ten across the nation, serving 2.7 million residents.

Approved for the department are a variety of updates and upgrades. To include:

  • Purchase of 291 vehicles. Over 4 years, the department plans to spend $38.35 million to replace 1,745 vehicles in its fleet, reducing long-term maintenance and fuel consumption costs.
  • Continued implementation of the Neighborhood Safety Initiation (ShotSpotter), by installing additional video camera and license plate readers to increase the gunshot detection service area.
  • The procurement of Law Enforcement Records Management System (LERMS) will integrate various databases, automate the data collection process, and increase efficiency in data retrieval across multiple divisions.
  • The procurement and installation of a social media analytics software program to enhance investigations and phase out the currently used SharePoint web.
  • Continuation of the Countywide Infrastructure Investment Program (CIIP), making improvements at facilities countywide, including furniture, fixtures, plumbing, HVAC, elevators, roofing, and other infrastructure repairs as needed.
  • Completion of the Civil Process Automation project, streamlining operations with accurate, quicker, and more effective court document processing.
  • Continued improvements to the Miami-Dade Public Safety Training Institute including enhancements to the pool facility, build-out of a long-distance firearm range and tower, and the design and construction of an outdoor covered training area and a canine training center.
  • Finalize the replacement of its aging helicopter fleet, through lease or financing of 4 new helicopters at a cost of $24 million.
  • Transition to a cloud-based system for automated finger identification.

Separately, Miami-Dade County Corrections is preparing to invest $400 million to construct new jails, to replace aging buildings, and decrease employment costs. 

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