Gazitua Letelier focuses on research, analysis, policy development and representation in order to meet client’s government relations goals in Miami. Our understanding of client issues from the ground up makes us a thoughtful and measured Miami Government Relations firm. Our ability to respect nuance allows us to effectively represent clients interests in varied pursuits.

Gazitua Letelier is the premier Miami Government Relations firm specializing in lobbying local governments in exploring privatized and outsourced solutions.  The firm advocates on behalf of domestic private sector providers and establishes partnerships between government agencies who see local outsourcing as a means to gain specific value-added benefits while delivering services to the tax payers in various sectors in Greater Miami and South Florida.

Privatizing and outsourcing to a domestic private sector provider streamlines government functions and services by adopting methods and best practices from private sector companies and organizations. Outsourcing prioritizes efficiency and cost effectiveness in spending taxpayer money.  It puts paramount importance to expertise in performing certain functions within the government, treating each citizen as a customer who needs to be served with utmost competence and efficiency.