Concierge RFP at Miami International Airport (MIA) Release Imminent

Miami International Airport

MIA is seeking a qualified firm to develop and provide a concierge service program that will increase revenues to the Airport, maximize Passenger comfort, and enhance MIA’s image as a customer-friendly global Airport. The majority of the services are expected from Passengers traversing from the Central and South Terminals at MIA. Currently, some airlines offer the Services by way of elite packages to their Passengers. However, this does not prevent Passengers from obtaining Services from other sources.

The concierge services proposed may include the following:

MIA Footprint

Airport meet and greet
Airport lounge access (refer to Section 2.3.2)
Bookings: Airline, Hotel, Car rental (inclusive of returns)
Manage re-bookings, check-ins, boarding passes, connecting flights, and itinerary changes
Assist guest through TSA, U.S. Immigration and Customs, and gates
Coordinate transportation to and from MIA
Special needs travel assistance (e.g. wheelchair assistance, unaccompanied minors and seniors, and sign language assistance etc.)
Provide language interpretation
Shopping services
Personalized services
Security arrangements (e.g. celebrities, high profile guests, etc.)

As consideration for the privilege to engage in business at MIA, the Proposer shall propose to pay a Minimum Annual Guarantee (MAG) of $15,000.00, equal to $1,250 monthly and a Percentage Fee Concessionaire shall propose to pay Aviation a minimum of seven percent (7%) of gross revenues.

Contact Miami Lobbyist Luis Andre Gazitua for the Draft Solicitation.

About MIA: Miami International Airport (MIA) is the leading economic engine for Miami-Dade County and the State of Florida. MIA enjoys top rankings as the leading international freight airport in the United States and ranks as one of the nation’s top three leading airports for international passenger traffic. MIA’s prominent presence in international passenger traffic and cargo activity has fueled a host of other industries, such as: tourism, cruise industry, international banking, and commerce. More than 77% of all exports and 80% of all imports between the United States and the Latin American/Caribbean region flow through MIA. It should also be noted that MIA is the port of entry for about 70% of all international traffic arriving by air to Florida. MIA is the world’s largest Latin American/Caribbean gateway, offering 1,290 weekly departures with non-stop service to 73 destinations in the region. With 49% of total passenger traffic being international, MIA is among the top two airports in the U.S. with the highest international to domestic passenger ratios.

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