Miami-Dade County Cyber Security RFP

Miami-Dade County Cyber Security RFP

Miami-Dade County is currently soliciting proposals for an Enterprise Managed Security Solution inclusive of products and services to dramatically accelerate the ability of the County's Security Operations Center (SOC) analysts to respond to and prevent security events.

The Solution shall include the following:

  1. Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP) addresses all of the County's endpoint/network security needs regardless of device type or location, including a complete range of threat prevention, detection, and response techniques. The Endpoint Protection Platform shall include endpoint agent, forensic tools, management console, virtual patching, and reporting capabilities, as well as an Application Programming Interface (API) that makes data in the EPP available for County developed integrations. The selected Proposer shall be responsible for providing Licensed Software, implementation services, configuration, training, maintenance, and technical support for the term of the resultant contract.
  2. Email scrubbing/email spam filter acts as the first line of defense against nefarious emails to supplement the County's Microsoft Exchange environment. Data, reporting, and dashboards about the email scrubbing/email spam filter should be made available to the County via a management portal.
  3. Hardware/appliances at critical Choke Points integrate with and supply data to the EPP. The selected Proposer shall be responsible for providing the devices, maintenance (including upgrades and replacements), and technical support for the term of the resultant contract.
  4. Proposer-managed security services via a Proposer-provided Security Operations Center (SOC), including information and event analysis provided by the selected Proposer to the County, including first-line analysis of cyber security alerts and potential threats and assistance in and/or performance of security audits. These services shall include regular meetings with County staff at defined intervals and as needed. The County expects that the selected Proposer will provide artificial intelligence based upon County data and other external sources for preemptive detection of security events to generate alerts and initial review/assessment of security threats, 24 hours per day, seven days per week, 365 days per year. Data, reporting, and dashboards pertaining to Proposer-managed security services should be made available to the County via a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) portal. The selected Proposer shall provide project management and implementation services and training for the Proposer-managed security services.

Responses are due March 30, 2022, by 6:00 pm.

How Gazitua Letelier Can Help

Gazitua Letelier specializes in procurement in Miami-Dade County, the municipalities of the greater Miami area, and Miami-Dade Public Schools. Luis Gazitua represents clients from pre-bid through bid protest, award, and project implementation stages. Gazitua represents clients in all industries, including technology, infrastructure, and transportation.

In 2017, Gazitua assisted private sector clients in closing half a billion dollars in competitive solicitations in the infrastructure and services sectors. In 2019, he closed 120 million dollars in the third quarter in the transportation and public safety sectors.

Gazitua Letelier's current and former clients include: Clean Energy – founded by the late T. Boone Pickens, Clean Energy, the nation's largest compressed natural gas fueling services company; Honeywell – a Fortune 100 company that invents and manufactures technologies to address global challenges such as energy efficiency and safety and security; Comcast – the world's largest media, entertainment, and communications company; Leonardo – an international high technology company and a critical player in Aerospace, Defence & Security; Comcast; and SHI – the most significant corporate reseller of software, hardware, and related services, providing government agencies, educational institutions, and Fortune 1000-Fortune 500 companies with all of their technology needs globally.

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