Cryptocurrency News: Bitcoin Mining Shift Is a Big Win for the US, Especially Miami

Cryptocurrency News: Bitcoin Mining Shift Is a Big Win for the US, Especially Miami

City of Miami Mayor, Francis Suarez sees “an enormous opportunity for our country to create high-paying tech manufacturing jobs,” in China’s efforts to remove cryptocurrency mining from its country.

In May 2021, the Chinese government began enacting regulations in an effort to stymy the bitcoin mining ventures within China. These operations accounted for almost three-quarters of global bitcoin mining. By July, official Chinese bitcoin mining operations had been, in effect, wiped out. The smaller, rural mining activities are slowly being shut down as well. So where do those miners and that mining activity go now? The mayor echoes recent analysts in seeing the US as posied to reap the technological and financial gains.

Mayor Suarez has long been a proponent of accepting, using, and investing with cryptocurrency. He has pushed for, promoted, assisted, and created many crytpo-based opportunities within Miami, seeking to make the city crypto-friendly. He tweeted about a recent article from The Economist regarding the shift, America is the big winner of China’s crypto crackdown. It refers to research done by the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance (CCAF), you can also review its Bitcoin Electricity Consumption Index.

Mayor Suarez also points out that mining operations in the US can be far more eco-friendly than the ones that existed in China. If done properly, creating a mining system that is actually carbon neutral may go a long way toward quieting the opposition to cryptocurrency based on its environmental impact.

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