Cybersecurity RFI Issued for Managed Security Services at Miami-Dade County

Cybersecurity RFI Issued for Managed Security Services at Miami-Dade County

Miami-Dade County presented a Request for Information to provide Managed Security Services on behalf of the Information Technology Dept.

Vendors will be required to prove they are capable of working with:

  • Integration of the State’s HX Managed Defense System
  • Cloud CM
  • 3 PX Tech Enablers and integration Managed Defense
  • Helix Threat Analytics and Data Onboarding
  • NX Network Appliance Integration
  • HX Endpoint Deployment and Integration
  • ETP Email integration.

Miami-Dade County’s technology portfolio includes several systems. Some of these systems are designated critical infrastructure components by the Federal Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency. These systems include Water and Sewer, Aviation, Transportation, PortMiami, Police, and Fire Rescue.

Vendors seeking to submit a proposal will need an understanding of the Florida Dept of Law Enforcement and FBI CJIS Security Addendum. Compliance is required.

Vendors must:

  • Provide proof of the minimum requirements.
  • Identify the minimum maintenance requirements in accordance with industry standards for the goods and/or services described in Section 2.
  • Provide any general comments specific to this RFI that would add value and guidance to the County.

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