Miami-Dade Airport Hotel RFP Is Now Live

Miami-Dade Airport Hotel

Miami-Dade County, as represented by the Miami-Dade Aviation Department, is soliciting proposals from qualified Proposers to design, permit, construct/build, finance, manage, operate, and maintain a hotel at Miami International Airport under a Lease Agreement. The proposal window is currently open and will close at 6 pm on October 15th, 2020. Questions will be accepted until 2 pm on October 1st, 2020.

The County anticipates entering into a Lease Agreement for 30-50 years. The effectiveness of the Lease Agreement is subject to FAA approval. This procurement is being conducted pursuant to the authority granted in Sections 125.35 and 125.012, Florida Statutes, which, respectively, allow for negotiations of leases of aviation facilities. It does not require a competitive selection of architects, engineers, and contractors by airport tenants performing construction.

The competitive evaluation and negotiation process described in this Solicitation is being conducted as a matter of discretion by the County. It is divided into two phases. In Phase 1, the County will solicit and evaluate the Phase 1 Proposals with the intent of short-listing up to three of the Proposers.

The Short Listed Proposers will, in the County’s discretion, be invited to participate in the Individual Negotiation Meetings process and to prepare a Phase 2 Proposal. The County will issue Phase 2 of the RFP, in the County’s sole discretion, via an addendum to the Short Listed Proposers to include the submittal requirements and evaluation criteria.

About MIA

Miami International Airport has been a long-standing revenue generator for Miami-Dade County. It generates direct and indirect revenue of up to $30.9 billion annually. It is also the passageway for almost 60% of all international visitors to the state. The airport is also distinctly tied to South Florida’s cruise industry, being a gateway for up to 70% of all cruise passengers. The airport and related aviation industry account for 270,000 local jobs. Miami-Dade County sees a significant need to provide a new airport hotel to meet consumer demand.

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