Miami-Dade County – P3 RFP North Corridor Transit and Metrorail System

Miami-Dade County - P3 RFP North Corridor Transit and Metrorail System

A Public-Private Partnership

The North Corridor is a critical segment of the County’s SMART Plan. It is located between the employment and residential centers of Miami-Dade County and the growing commercial and residential areas of Broward County. The County is seeking to engage private sector participation in order to accelerate project delivery and reduce capital and operating costs to the County. The County anticipates that private sector innovation improvements and management will assist the County in meeting both growth and changes in future transportation demand, as well as help provide budget certainty by controlling costs.

To meet these objectives, the County is seeking proposals to design, permit, construct/build, finance, operate, and maintain full turn-key services for a Rapid Mass Transit Solution for the North Corridor of the County’s SMART Plan. In the interest of reducing cost, the County has various properties to build Multimodal Hub, Transit-Oriented Development, Transit Stations, and/or maintenance facilities.

The County is seeking an elevated fixed guideway transit system along the North Corridor that provides a direct Multimodal Hub that will connect to either the Northside Metrorail Station or Martin Luther King, Jr. Metrorail Station. A Multimodal Hub shall be proposed at Ali Baba Avenue (Opa-locka). Proposed Transit Stations/Terminal locations are at NW 79th/82nd Street, NW 97th Street, NW 113th Street, NW 163rd Street (Palmetto), NW 183rd Street (Carol City), and NW 199th Street. A Transit-Oriented Development with Multimodal Hub Center may be proposed at NW 215th Street. Elevated technologies that may be considered are AGT/APM, HRT, Urban Maglev, or Monorail. The County will not accept Group Rapid Transit (GRT) as a viable solution to this solicitation. The Project timeline shall not exceed 7 years from the expiration of the Interim Agreement. Proposers must comply with any and all areas of the Technical Specifications that are applicable to their proposed solution.


Since the opening of the original Metrorail in 1984, Miami-Dade County has pursued a rapid transit solution for the North Corridor. The corridor has been the subject of many transportation studies over the last couple of decades. In November 2002, Miami-Dade County passed a Half-Penny at Work surtax dedicated for transportation and transit improvements. TPO passed Resolution 47-17 to take the necessary steps to advance the North and South Dade Transitway Corridor. A 40-year financial pro forma was developed that demonstrates available funding for the implementation of the SMART Plan Corridors.

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