Miami-Dade County – RFI Recreational Motorsports Facility

Miami-Dade County - RFI Recreational Motorsports Facility

Miami-Dade County is interested in receiving feedback from industry experts through this Request for Information (RFI). They are requesting a draft of a Scope of Services for the lease of a recreational motorsport facility at the decommissioned Opa-Locka West Airport site.

The property, located at the intersection of Krome Avenue and US 27, lies dormant. It contains 123 acres. 32 acres will be used for sanctioned drag racing. 91 acres will be devoted to ATV activities. It also contains two former runways measuring 3,000 feet.

The ten-year lease will require a development plan with no permanent structures. It will require temporary facilities, in an exciting environment. These include portable facilities, generators, and lighting.

Use the questions below to guide the response:

  • What feedback or questions do you have concerning the Scope of Services?
  • What requirements, such as licenses / environmental requirements or other legal aspects not listed, would be required to perform what is requested in the Scope of Services?
  • Which activities or services would you provide in lieu or in addition to the Scope of Services below?
  • What form of payment structure to the County would you recommend for this project that is typical of the industry? (Minimum annual guarantee, percentage of gross revenues, lease, etc.)
  • Is a ten-year lease agreement sufficient for this project? If not, what would be a more attractive lease term?

Please note that vendors are under no obligation to provide any information to the County. The County encourages vendor participation in this information gathering process, however, the vendor involvement is voluntary. Any information provided to the County is subject to Florida Statutes Chapter 119. Please do not submit any pricing

For more information please contact Luis Gazitua

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