Upcoming Opportunity: RFP for Contracted Bus Route Services for Miami-Dade County

Upcoming Opportunity: RFP for Contracted Bus Route Services for MDC

Miami-Dade County is on the verge of releasing the finalized version of its RFP for Contracted Bus Route services over the next 5 years.

The RFP includes several fixed bus routes and Life Line routes. Transport, drivers, insurance, fareboxes, and more are also part of the RFP. There are also specifics regarding advertising, county signage, uniforms, and additional aesthetics.

How Can Gazitua Help?

At Gazitua, we love providing early opportunities like these to our clients. Gazitua essentially acts as business development support for our clients. We represent major companies looking to secure contracts with local government from the city to the county to the state level in Florida. These projects involve a variety of PPP, from bridges to jails to airport infrastructure. We engage early in the project, in this case before the RFP is even finalized, all the to and through the closing of the project. How can we help you navigate your next RFP?

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