Client News: Leonardo Helicopters Featured in Vertical Mag Outlining Contributions to Miami-Dade County

Client News: Leonardo Helicopters Featured in Vertical Mag Outlining Contributions to Miami-Dade County

Gazitua's former client Leonardo was recently featured in an article in Vertical Mag, outlining the significant contributions of their cutting-edge helicopters in emergency response in Miami-Dade County.

The Impact of Leonardo’s AW139

Innovation is pivotal in saving lives and protecting communities in the dynamic emergency response landscape. One such innovation that has significantly impacted Miami-Dade County is the cutting-edge helicopter, the Leonardo AW139. These helicopters have revolutionized how emergency services are delivered, enabling swift and efficient operations that have directly contributed to the safety and well-being of Miami-Dade residents.

These helicopters are a testament to modern engineering and design. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, these aerial vehicles are tailored to meet the unique challenges emergencies present. They are designed for rapid deployment, allowing first responders to reach critical incidents within minutes. They are equipped with cutting-edge surveillance, including thermal imaging and high-resolution cameras, to identify and assess hazards or individuals in distress. Their versatility and safety features allow them to perform a wide range of missions, from battling wildfires to performing water rescues to transporting medical teams.

Miami-Dade's Investment in Public Safety Pays Off

In an era where innovation is reshaping industries, Miami-Dade’s $24 million dollar investment in public safety has emerged as a beacon of hope for Miami-Dade County. The AW-139’s unparalleled capabilities allow first responders to act swiftly and decisively in adversity. As Miami-Dade continues to evolve and face new challenges, these helicopters stand as a testament to human ingenuity and a steadfast commitment to public safety. Through their remarkable contributions, these helicopters have repeatedly proven that technology can be a lifesaving force, creating a safer and more resilient Miami-Dade for generations to come.

Oct 2020, Miami-Dade Fire Rescue celebrates the first Leonardo AW139 helicopter delivery.

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