Luis Andre Gazitua Advising HOBE Start-UP on Growth in the US Market

HOBE Gazitua Letelier, PA

Founded in Chile in 2018, HOBE constructs mobile emergency shelters to house a range of vulnerable populations, including healthcare workers, patients with COVID-19, the homeless, and families affected by natural disasters.

HOBE's mobile modular shelters can be deployed by FEMA, emergency managers, local governments, and not-for-profits to deliver quick, efficient, and effective responses to critical needs.

As a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, HOBE developed low-cost self-cleaning hospital cabins that ensure 100% isolation and can be deployed anywhere. The HOBE solutions serve populations where alternative housing and hotel availability are limited. HOBE continues to generate fast, high-standard shelters through LATAM and has developed different modules to address emergency scenarios. A variety of the modules HOBE has developed can be deployed within the US market.

With a mission hyperfocused on social justice and dignity, HOBE’s founders, Francisco Rojas and Julián Marín are passionately growing HOBE to reach more populations in the US market guidance of Gazitua Letelier, PA.

About Luis Andre Gaiztua: Luis Andre Gazitua is a Miami-based attorney and lobbyist specializing in procurement in Miami-Dade County, the municipalities of the greater Miami area, and Miami-Dade Public Schools. He represents clients from pre-bid through bid protest, award, and project implementation stages. Gazitua represents clients in all industries, including technology, infrastructure, and transportation.

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Luis is an experienced procurement lawyer and Miami lobbyist serving elected officials, businesses, international clients, and trade associations. He regularly appears before local and state government in order to advance complex objectives for clients against competing interests. He has weathered various competitive processes in Florida including Home Rule Charter Amendments, Recalls, Local, State and Federal campaigns.