Tech and Finance Sectors Eyeing Miami’s Promoter in Chief – Mayor Francis Suarez

Mayor Francis Suarez

While large cities like New York City and Los Angeles are languishing under the pandemic's weight, Miami sees exponential growth through various factors.

Sure, the green spaces, warm weather, and comfortable year-round climate have helped push cold-weather dwelling businesses further south. However, Florida's lack of an income tax, corporate-friendly regulatory environment, global ports, and MIA's direct flights to all relevant markets have Miami seeing gains in many industries.

Virtual Town Hall with the Tech Industry

City of Miami Mayor Francis Suarez has launched a proactive campaign to recruit business to the Magic City, most notably the Tech Industry and Finance. Earlier this month, Mayor Suarez conducted a virtual town hall on Zoom. He spent 2 hours discussing the marriage of Tech and Miami with over 200 virtual attendees. His goal is to ease the process of relocating, make Miami an ideal option for tech industry businesses, and create opportunities for both residents and relocating businesses. He wants to create another Silicon Valley, right here in Miami.

'How Can I Help'

After the Zoom call, the Mayor launched another initiative aimed at businesses seeking to relocate where he included a link to a survey for potentially incoming firms. This link contains a simple survey with the goal of 'How Can I Help.' This has become the Mayor's battle cry; he wants to know how he can help relocating businesses be successful in Miami.

Mayor Suarez is Twitter's Mayor

There has been an explosion of feedback in both the world of Twitter and throughout the media. NBC6 recently ran a piece highlighting the progress of Mayor Suarez's campaign. The local news channel highlighted one such Silicon Valley executive who has decided to make the move. Mayor Suarez's Twitter feed has also seen a constant stream of businesses and individuals from the tech industry and beyond. Mayor Suarez is Twitter's Mayor.

How Can We Help?

Mayor Suarez, the City Commission, Economic Development Organizations, Business Investment Districts, Chambers, and County Leadership provide a multilevel framework for businesses seeking to relocate to the tax haven and free market that is Greater Miami.

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Photo Credit: Mayor Francis Suarez Twitter Account 

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