Client News: Proterra Delivers on Miami-Dade County Historic Electric Bus Contract

Client News: Proterra Delivers on Miami-Dade County Historic Electric Bus Contract

Last week, Miami-Dade Couty Mayor Danielle Levin Cava celebrated the delivery of 75 Proterra ZX5+ electric transit buses. Cava stated, “These American-manufactured buses put us a step closer to converting our county fleet to all-electric – a major goal in our climate action strategy.”

Miami-Dade County Meeting Sustainable Transportation Goals

Long-standing goals to create a healthier Miami-Dade County included transitioning at least half of the fleet of county buses to electric. Transitioning to zero-emission buses presents a critical opportunity to cut pollution and reduce oil dependence. With zero tailpipe emissions or pollutants, Proterra battery-electric buses eliminate about 230,000 pounds of CO2 emissions annually for every diesel vehicle replaced by a zero-emission bus.

“This is a major step forward in Miami-Dade County’s commitment to incorporate clean, renewable energy to protect our environment and offer better transportation options,” Mayor Cava said previously. “With these new electric buses, Miami-Dade will lead the way with the largest sustainable transportation fleet in Florida and one of the largest in the nation.”

About Proterra

Proterra is a leader in the design and manufacture of zero-emission, heavy-duty electric vehicles, enabling bus fleet operators to significantly reduce operating costs while delivering clean, quiet transportation to local communities across North America. The company’s configurable Catalyst platform is designed to serve the daily mileage needs of a wide range of transit routes on a single charge. With industry-leading durability and energy efficiency based on rigorous U.S. independent testing, Proterra products are proudly designed, engineered, and manufactured in America, with offices in Silicon Valley, South Carolina, and Los Angeles.

About Gazitua

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