Featured on The Mindset Podcast

Featured on The Mindset Podcast

Recently, our very own Luis Andre Gazitua sat down with Anthony and Gabriel for an interview on the Mindset Podcast. The podcast, prepared by University of Florida students, focuses on creating a positive and optimistic outlook. The goal of the Mindset Podcast is to motivate and influence people looking to take their personal mindset to the next level. And who better to add his input than Luis, with his diverse background, positive outlook, and determination.

How to Get a Seat at the Table

During his interview on the Mindset Podcast, Luis offers advice on everything from taking diverse college courses, working for free, and, as the title explains, how to get a seat at the table. He gives us a glimpse of how he’s evolved to be in the position he currently occupies. He also ventures into big questions, like what you wished you’d done differently and what you’d do if you knew you wouldn’t fail.

Luis also explains exactly how his firm operates as a lobbying firm. He talks about how Gazitua Letelier helps their clients, focuses on staying ahead of the procurement game, and the importance of communication and networking. He also advises on finding strong mentors and the role that volunteering or interning can play in career development. His advice: Don’t work for free, have a purpose for the way you spend your time, even if it’s not financial compensation.

About Gazitua Letelier

Gazitua Letelier is a Miami Government Relations and Miami Lobbying firm serving elected officials, businesses, international clients, technology organizations, and trade associations. Miami-Dade lobbying, advocacy, and Miami-Dade Bid Protest are our largest service areas, covering Miami, Miami Dade, and her municipalities. If you’re interested in providing services related to UAM in Miami-Dade County, we can help

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Luis is an experienced procurement lawyer and Miami lobbyist serving elected officials, businesses, international clients, and trade associations. He regularly appears before local and state government in order to advance complex objectives for clients against competing interests. He has weathered various competitive processes in Florida including Home Rule Charter Amendments, Recalls, Local, State and Federal campaigns.