Gazitua Helps Bring the Miami Bull to Life

Gazitua Helps Bring the Miami Bull to Life

The Miami Bull made its debut at Bitcoin 2022 but bringing it to life required a rather unique team of individuals and local businesses. Gazitua Letelier was honored to help bring together pieces of that team.

Miami Vying to Become the World’s Crypto Capital

Many believe the future is in cryptocurrency, and all signs point to Miami rapidly becoming the world’s Crypto Capital.

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez has publicly stated that cryptocurrencies and the blockchain are significant for the future of our community.

City of Miami Mayor Francis Suarez and the Miami Bull

To commemorate this moment, TradeStation Group, Inc. commissioned a unique artwork to help the city of Miami stake the claim that “The Future of Finance is Here.” TradeStation took the symbol of traditional finance, upgraded it, and brought it to Miami. Thus, the Miami Bull was born.

TradeStation Reaches Out to Gazitua Letelier to Help Make the Miami Bull a Reality

TradeStation engaged Luis Andre Gazitua to represent the firm in bringing the Miami Bull project to reality. Gazitua worked closely with Mayor Francis Suarez, Venture Miami, Bitcoin 2022, and Miami-Dade College President Madeline Pumariega to ensure the #MiamiTECH community would welcome the Miami Bull. The Miami Bull is a 3000-pound reimagining of Wall Street’s Charging Bull.

Mayor Francis Suarez, TradeStation, and Miami-Dade College entrusted Gazitua Letelier, PA’s clients Rodriguez Architects and T&G Constructors, to coordinate logistics and prepare the site for the arrival of the Miami Bull.

Following the massive reveal at Bitcoin 2022 on Miami Beach, the Miami Bull monument was unveiled by College President Madeline Pumariega and the Board of Trustees at Miami-Dade College Wolfson Campus at the Venture Miami Job Fair on April 14, 2022.

Netflix may feature the entire team in an expected documentary regarding the Miami Bull moment highlighting this milestone for Miami and the cryptocurrency industry.

About Gazitua Letelier

Gazitua Letelier is a Miami Government Relations and Miami Lobbying firm serving elected officials, businesses, international clients, technology organizations, and trade associations. Lobbying, advocacy, and bid protest are their largest service areas, covering Miami, Miami-Dade, and her municipalities.

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