2019 Miami-Dade County Transportation and Infrastructure Business Opportunities

The following information details the latest procurement and business opportunities readying to launch in Greater Miami next year.

On-Demand Shuttle Service:

On-Demand Shuttle Service – Miami-Dade Transportation and Public Works seeks to secure an on-demand technology service provider to provide service to the Civic Center and Dadeland Metro-Rail Stations. Riders will select a ride on the shuttle and will be picked up at home and dropped off at the Metro-Rail stations.

Miami-Dade County Approves $1 Billion Expressway Project

On September 27, 2018, Miami-Dade County commissioners approved a new 13-mile expressway in Kendall, Florida. The Miami-Dade Expressway Authority will be tasked with building the project and fund the project with tolls collected on the existing State Road 836 expressway in South Dade. The six-lane expressway will include a nature trail running alongside it, will host a system of express buses along its shoulder lanes, and will generate $45 million in tolls per year.[1]

$243 Million Rapid-Transit Bus Plan Expansion Approved for Miami-Dade County

On August 30, 2018, Miami-Dade’s Transportation Planning Organization (“TPO”) approved a program that will place the County’s first rapid-transit bus system in South Dade. The project is worth $243 million and will create dedicated lanes with stations and vehicles designed to mimic the convenience of rail service. The TPO will apply for a federal grant of up to $100 million to cover part of the project cost, with the remaining costs stemming from the state and the county’s half-percent sales tax for transportation. Over $865 million will be invested in the Rapid-Transit bus solution over its lifetime.[2]

A non-exhaustive list of the projects for the Rapid-Transit Bus Expansion include:

  • ·     Twelve (12) weather-controlled stations with level boarding platforms;
  • ·     Terminal upgrades at SW 344 Street and Dadeland South Metrorail station;
  • ·     Ticket vending machines, a real-time passenger information system, closed-circuit television, emergency push buttons, fare collection systems, communications equipment, and power supplies; and
  • ·     Crossing gates and traffic signal preemption at all forty-five (45) transitway intersections.[3]

Survey Results Indicate Long-Range Transportation Plan Best Suited for Millenials

Between fall 2016 and spring 2017, Miami-Dade County conducted a survey with 1,922 participants. Each participant was tracked for two days with a GPS logger to determine what modes of transportation they use to move about the County. From those results, the TPO concluded that the Long-Range Transportation Plan will be geared toward the millennial generation. The TPO went on record to say “We know there’s a new generation that would rather be driven around. They aren’t willing to drive, they don’t want to drive around looking for parking. This plan is for them.”[4]

Express Buses on 836 and 874 Shoulders are Imminent

After years of construction on this $38 million project,[5] express buses are expected to begin service on the shoulder lanes of State Roads 836 and 874 by February 2019 or March 2019. The vehicles will depart from West Dade’s Dolphin Station Park and Ride Transit Facility and head to the Miami Intermodal Center, which borders Miami International Airport and Downtown Miami. The Miami-Dade Expressway Authority is preparing a bus services request for proposals to advertise by October 2018 or November 2018. Metrobus ridership numbers have been as high as 4,534,564 passengers per month in 2018.[6]

Transportation Services Solicitation

Miami-Dade County intends to It is the issue solicitation to identify and make available to the County a pool of prequalified vendors to provide transportation services to various Miami-Dade County Departments as needed. Release is imminent.

Ride-Sharing Scooter Deals Imminent in Coral Gables

On August 28, 2018, the Coral Gables City Commission unanimously approved the Coral Gables ride-share scooter program. The City will choose approximately 150 scooter locations and will allow electric scooter company Bird to operate the 90-day pilot run. Thereafter, the City will open the program to bid for multiple companies to submit a proposal. From August 6-21, 2018, seventy-five (75) scooters were released into the City and from those scooters, 674 users completed 1,550 rides, departing from 16 designated spots. City of Coral Gables staff received several complaints on social media about there being too few scooters. The City of Coral Gables is eager to bring the scooters to South Gables because of the substantial foot traffic it has. The City expects that in three (3) months there should be enough data to issue a request for proposal from multiple operators to service Coral Gables.[7]

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