Sergio’s Cuban Restaurant and DeliverLean Collaboration with Miami-Dade County

Sergio's Dining Room

During these unprecedented times, being a ‘helper’ in a time of need is an important responsibility. One of those helpers is Gazitua Letelier client Sergio’s Cuban Kitchen & Bar Restaurant. Started by the current owner’s mother and Grandmother, Sergio’s started as a small sandwich shop with 10 employees. It is now a bustling community partner employing more than 600 members in the Miami-Dade area.

Sergio’s has partnered with DeliverLean. A company whose goal is to provide balanced, healthy, and delicious meals. Together, they are now refocused on our senior population. Deliver Lean’s high standards of only using USDA / FDA certified kitchens, complement Sergio’s well. They have placed a high standard on employee health and protection, invoking masks and installing plexiglass long before local standards required. Sergio’s is one of the few restaurants in Miami-Dade county with a USDA plan, meaning it meets the highest quality standards.

These two companies, together, will help protect and feed our vulnerable senior population during these difficult times. Delivering healthy, Cuban meals will provide, not only sustenance but a sense of normalcy for our most respected generation. Thank you to both the staff and management at Sergio’s and Deliver Lean for being helpers during this pandemic.

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